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SoftAmp VirtualSound 1.0

by Softwar

Technical information


Op. System:Windows

Requirements:Requires you to have Winamp installed.



Author:Won Don Lee


Date:Oct 30th, 2000

SoftAmp VirtualSound screenshot 2

SoftAmp VirtualSound is a Winamp plugin that will turn your headphones into a home theatre. You can manipulate four virtual speakers, all completely configurable, adjusting their settings in realtime as you play your favorite music.

You can edit the positioning and altitude of each speaker separately, convert some of them to subwoofers, or add reverb.

Your listening experience will never be the same, thanks to this simple plugin. Now you can enjoy a home theatre experience without having to use any equipment other than your headphones.

By controlling these acoustics, you can perceive the sound in 3D as though the speakers were right in the room with you.

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