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Spyrix Personal Monitor Keylogger 11.1.3 Cracked [Latest]

by Softwar

Spyrix Personal Monitor Keylogger Crack is a powerful multifunctional program for detailed monitoring of the activity of PC users. Personal Monitor Keylogger works in stealth mode and allows you to control keystrokes – keylogger, take screenshots (screenshots), snapshots from a webcam, monitor activity: on social networks VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, in chat rooms (Skype, ICQ, etc.), in the search engines Yandex, Google and much more.

Key features of Spyrix Personal Monitor Keylogger:

  • Remote monitoring through a secure web account. Monitor activity on your computer through a secure web account by logging on remotely from any computer. This means that you can control your computer without having physical access to it.
  • Keylogger (recording keystrokes). With the help of the keylogger you can see all the keystrokes that are made on the computer, even if they were deleted.
  • Not detected by antivirus software. Unlike other applications, this program can not be detected by antiviruses, which can block it. The monitoring system has special algorithms that prevent its detection
  • Screenshots (screenshots). Recording screenshots of the desktop and application windows.
  • Live-mode. View the computer screen in real time (available for PRO license).
  • Remote uninstall. You can remove Spyrix Personal Monitor on the desired computer remotely – via a web account.
  • Control the clipboard. The program monitors and records all the information that the user copies to the clipboard.
  • Monitoring of activity in social networks. The program tracks and records all activity in such social networks as Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, My World, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Skype (two-way interception of a chat).
  • Tracking of instant messengers and chats. The program tracks all chats in more than 20 Messengers such as Skype, ICQ and others.


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