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Perfomous 1.1

by Softwar

Technical information


Op. System:Windows


Language:English 1 more



Date:Aug 20th, 2019

Older versions

0.6.1 Oct 31rd, 2010Perfomous screenshot 2

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If you love karaoke, this PC game is perfect for you. Performous is made so you can have fun with or without your friends, testing your singing skills and competing for victory.

As in any karaoke game, Performous displays the song's lyrics and evaluates your singing voice at the end of each game. Apart from that, you can also watch yourself singing if you have a webcam.

It's not just a full karaoke package, it's also a singing and dancing competition game, since you can plug in different microphones and devices from Guitar Hero and Rock Band, as well as the Dance Dance Revolution pads. If you don't have the actual instruments, you can still play them with your computer's keyboard.

It's really simple; you just have to choose the track you want to sing, and then Performous detects your voice as any other karaoke would, through the microphone, which you need to connect to the computer (the integrated microphone in laptops also works). The game then analyzes the sound frequency in the audio in real time, and tells you if you are doing good.

You can download the songs you want to perform from the official website, and if you think you can do it, you can even compose your very own pieces from the game's editor.

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