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R28 Fondo de escritorio

by Softwar

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Author:ING Renault F1 Team


Date:Feb 6th, 2008
R28 screenshot 2

Fernando Alonso is back to the house where he won his two F1 world championships and he will be accompanied by Nelson Piquet Jr.

The R28 is the car they'll drive this season. They'll drive the R28 to beat their rivals and to win the F1 World Championship and you can have it on your desktop thanks to this R28 wallpaper.

Fernando Alonso is back, he is happy to be again in Renault after the last season in McLaren Mercedes when he wasn't as happy as he wanted to.

The twice F1 World Championship will try to win the Championship again, this time is going to be hard, the R28 is told not to be as competitive and powerful as his rivals, but Alonso and Piquet are good enough to compete.

The F1 Season is ready to start and now you can enjoy your passion by setting this R28 wallpaper on your desktop.

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